Silky Genki Temagari Hand Saw (500mm)


It is designed to be an alternative to a small chainsaw.

It is perfect for chopping trees DOWN and cutting them UP rather than just pruning them. The angled neck gives a great cutting position that whistles through trunks and branches.

The extremely long blade cuts faster as you get more back and forth movement, and is suitable for really quite large branches.

Please note: Genki Temagari 300mm, 330mm & 360mm blade length does not come with a scabbard
Genki Temagari 500mm comes with a canvas case over the blade

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This saw has extra large non-set teeth. It is designed to be an alternative to a small chainsaw. The blade size 500mm long.

The handle is made from Silky’s special GOM material, giving superior grip and reducing vibrations. The handles are designed to be used with two hands. The Genki-Temagari is a PULL saw.

All cutting occurs on the pull stroke. Use a minimal amount of pressure as you pull the blade toward yourself and then glide the saw forward. On the forward stroke the teeth will clear of timber or material and then on the pull stroke the saw will do the cutting again.


SKU: 550-50 [ 500 mm ]
Blade length:-500 mm or 19.7 inches
Teeth per 30 mm/in:-3-5/2.5-4.2
Weight: 760 g


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