Silky Hayate 7.7m Pole Saw


A professional pole saw, used by arborists and landscapers. Brilliant for the home gardener and orchardist.

No  need to climb or stand on a step ladder this well constructed and easy to use Silky will do the job from the ground. Be safe and get gravity to help you prune.


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Silky’s strongest and fastest cutting telescopic pole saw.
Perfect for professionals and incredible for home gardeners.

The poles have a double locking system to assist the rigidity of the poles.
There is a pin/button that holds the poles together and then a friction clamp that squeezes the poles holding them tight.
Both of these locking systems keep the poles in place and also protect each system from damaging the other.
The spring-loaded locking buttons have multiple length positions allowing you to have the pole extended at a variety of lengths.

The base pole has a pole-end shock absorber and award winning GOM rubber over-grip.
The lower pole also has a wrist strap which can be attached at the top or bottom of the handle.
This is designed to transfer the weight of the pole saw to your bicep rather than your neck.



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