Silky Sugowaza 420mm Curved Hand Saw with Safety Guard


The Sugowaza means ‘Amazing’

The Sugowaza is a modified Sugoi with a cross-guard, designed for working in slippery conditions, to prevent the hand slipping on the blade. The cross guard is also designed to protect gloves from accidental cuts. Great for those who work around power lines.

The Sugowaza 42cm blade has a super smooth tooth pattern that cuts extremely fast. This makes it ideal for pruning large limbs.

The Sugowaza offers a genuine alternative to using a small chainsaw – a little more effort but more peaceful, no fuel cost and much more rewarding

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The Silky Sugowaza is a heavy duty 42cm long curved hand saw. This saw has a safety guard to prevent the hand slipping down the blade. It is designed to cut large branches.

The tips of the teeth have been hardened to give an extremely long life to the sharpness of the saw. The blades are hollow ground to reduce friction and increase easy of cutting action and speed. The teeth are non-set and have a Mirai-Me design which creates a very smooth surface once timber is cut. The blades are made from a material called SK4 which is a high carbon steel and then are coated in chrome to reduce rust and protect the blade.

The Sugowaza 420mm comes with a scabbard that also has replaceable parts. Leg straps are available but must be ordered separately. Code for leg strap is 506-04-14

SKU: 419-42  Sugowaza 42 cm
Blade length: 42 cm or 16.5 inches
Teeth per 30 mm: 6.5, per inch: 5.5
Weight: 710 g



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