Silky Gomboy 21cm Ultimate Pack


Curved hand saw with Medium tooth blade and Skatt boy blade.

Treat yourself to the ultimate folding saw pack! In this set you will receive 3 x 240mm blades and a handle that makes hard work seem effortless.

The first of these fantastic saw blades is the fine tooth Skatt boy blade. This blade allows you to beautifully prune the smallest of branches. It will allow you to make the smoothest and easiest woodworking cuts and if you have fibrous material like Bamboo or Palm fronds, this blade will eat them like a hot knife through butter.

The next blade you receive in this pack is the super popular Medium tooth Gomboy. Everyone just loves this blade as it will do just about anything. Great on small to medium branches and also makes cutting dead wood seem like a walk in the park.

Lastly you get the latest and greatest blade in the Gomboy family. This is the Curved Large tooth Gomboy. Firewood, track clearing or just a good clean up before or after a storm this blade will make pruning seem effortless. Having fun with cutting timber, well you will if you get to use this amazing blade.


All blades in this pack have a protective coating, but we still strongly recommend that you clean the blade after use and spray with a Lanolin lubricant to protect from rust. All teeth on these blades have a special treatment on the tips to give them a very long lasting sharpness. The style of tooth is a NON – set style and will leave a very smooth surface which in a woodworking application allows easy joins and very little if any sanding required. In a pruning sense, the tree is able to heal very quickly and easily. Minimising chances of infection. The blades are all hollow ground, meaning that the hole you cut is going to be wider than the width of the blade, minimising the chances of having your saw jam. THIS ARE PULL SAWS do not put excessive forward pressure as they do not cut on the forward stroke but on the back stroke. We are stronger and have more control on the back stroke. These saws are a joy to use and make an amazing cut, nobody regrets choosing a Silky only the time they lived without one.

The screws for the Gomboys have the code:SKU 121-01

Skatt Boy
Blade length: 21cm
Teeth per 30mm: 20
Blade weight: 70gms

Blade length: 21cm
Teeth per 30mm: 10
Weight: 70gms

Gomboy Curve
Blade length: 21cm
Teeth per 30 mm: 8
Weight: 70gms


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