Melaleuca linariifolia * Claret tops* (Honey Myrtle) – Tube stock


The Claret Tops Honey Myrtle is an easy to grow, small evergreen shrub known for its striking claret coloured new growth, contrasting prettily with the masses of small white flowers arriving in Spring.

* Low maintenance and drought resistant. (Easy to grow in near all conditions )

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Red new growth on soft grey-green leaves, with masses of white flowers in spring.
Full sun gives leaves a brighter red colour.
Claret Tops can be clipped into hedges or topiary as a feature plant, or left wild in native gardens.

Growing 1 – 1.5 m, Claret Tops is ideal for feature planting, contrast, coastal planting, low hedging, attracting bird and insect life and layering for effect.
Dense foliage renders it perfect for low hedging, while the exciting colour changes are wonderful for contrast and layering to create a stunning backdrop.

Sensitive to frost, hardy to all other elements.
Most well drained soils.
Full sun or part shade. Attractive to birds & insects.

This is a type of Australian “Bush Food” or “Bush Tucker”.
The flowers of Melaleuca varieties produce sweet nectar and you can suck the nectar out, or soak the flowers in water to make a sweet drink, but this plant is not edible.


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