Brunfelsia latifolia ( Yesterday,Today & Tomorrow / kiss me quick ) – 140mm pot


Its masses of blossoms are violet coloured when they first appear, fading to pale purple/lavender then white as the flower ages.
All of these colours can be seen on the bush at any one time.



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Yesterday, today and tomorrow is a pretty evergreen shrub covered in various coloured and fragrant blooms throughout Spring.
* Prune after flowering to promote bushy growth.

Quite slow growing, they reach around 2m tall and almost as wide when mature.

This evergreen shrub grows slowly to around 2-4m tall and 2m wide.
The foliage is dense and a smoky green colour.
The new leaves can go purplish in cool weather.

Plant in a sunny position protected from the harsh afternoon sun.
These shrubs need a rich, well drained soil with plenty of organic matter. Be sure to water well during the warmer months.
Yesterday, today and tomorrow will tolerate light salt spray but will suffer if subjected to frost.

** Be warned though… these shrubs are NOT pet friendly!
They contain poisonous alkaloids, particularly in their berry-like fruits which have been known to be highly poisonous to dogs.
If you have a dog, remove the berries every year or better still, remove the plant.




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