Cananga odorata (Ylang Ylang)- Tube stock


The flowers of this species produce a perfumed oil in glands near the base.
This oil can be extracted and has been used in perfumery.

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Fibrous stripes forming a lace-like pattern in the blaze but a corresponding pattern or grain not apparent in the wood.
Brown bundles of fibres visible in the blaze.

Leaf blades about 8-22 x 5-9 cm. Fine oak grain in the twigs.
Scattered or sparsely scattered small oil dots visible with a lens.

Flowers very fragrantPetals about 5-9 cm long, much larger than the calyx.
Anther connective acute and projecting above and covering the anthers.
Ovaries 6-13. Ovules 4-8 per ovary. Stigmas +/- fused to form a domed mass.

Fruiting carpels about 20-25 x 10-15 mm on stalks about 10-15 mm long.
Seeds about 8 x 5 mm, 3-15 per carpelEmbryo minute, about 0.6-0.8 mm.
Cotyledons slightly longer than the radicle.

Cotyledons ovate to elliptic, about 20-25 x 12-15 mm, apex obtuse, base cuneate to obtuse.
At the tenth leaf stage: leaves hairy on both the upper and lower surfaces, mainly along midrib and lateral veins; oil dots very small, visible only with a lens.
Seed germination time 116 to 170 days.


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