Intsia bijuga (kwila)-Tube stock


Light preference : Full sun
Water preference : Moderate water
Plant growth rate : Moderate

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It is a evergreen tree that can grow up to 50 m tall, with up to a 250 cm diameter at breast height for the trunk, and can have buttress roots up to 4 m tall and 2 m wide.
It can be grown along roads, parks or large gardens, or in coastal areas, as it can tolerate their hot, sunny, windy, and frequent salt spray conditions.

Flower- Its flowers are in flowering shoots (inflorescences) that are up to 17 cm long.
Its flowers are bisexual. Its white or pink flower petals are 6–30 by 10–35 mm.

It grows usually in coastal areas, but also in inland forests, up to 600 m altitude.


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