Calliandra haematocephala ( Red Powder Puff )


Uses : Windbreak or Hedge
Resistances : Humidity tolerant

Fast growing spreading, well branched shrub or small tree has ferny looking glossy green leaves with bronze new growth that folds up at night.

Produces clusters of large, slightly fragrant, fluffy, pom-pom-like bright pink/red flowers in Spring, Summer and Autumn.

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They are primarily grown for their large fluffy pompom like flower heads which are produced most of the year but tend to be more numerous in autumn.
You can tell how healthy they are by the longevity of their flowering.

The oblong shaped, glossy foliage emerges as a bronzed colour, turning to mid green and the fold up at night.
The flower heads are both spectacular and slightly fragrant and consist of thousands of red or pink stamens that stand perfectly erect to make an orb.
They are attractive to both birds and butterflies.

* Prefers full sun but can handle some shade throughout the day – shade becoming more important in warmer climates.

Grows well in warm-temperate climates.
Shelter from frost in winter.


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