Barringtonia asiatica (Sea Poison Tree) – Tube stock


It is typically 10 to 15 m (30 to 50 ft) tall and develops a short trunk with a low-branching structure, supporting a densely branched wide-spreading crown.
The leaves are large, club-shaped, glossy green, leathery and spirally arranged at the ends of the branches.

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Usually a short-boled poorly formed tree with a coarsely flaky bark. Fine ray pattern usually visible in the inner blaze.

Leaf blade rather large, about 14-42 x 7-17 cm. Petiole very short or absent.

Flowers pedicellateCalyx completely fused in the bud and opening usually by rupturing into two unequal segments. Petals about 5.5-8.5 cm long.

Fruits very large, about 8.5-11 x 8.5-10 cm, more or less square in transverse section. The remains of the fruit normally present beneath mature trees.

Seed contained in large persistent fibrous fruit. Roots grow from the opposite end of the seed to the leafy shoot. At the tenth leaf stage: leaves obovateapex apiculate or acute, shortly mucronate. Seed germination time 70 to 178 days.


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