Barringtonia calyptrata (Cassowary Pine/Mango Pine) – Tube stock


Fruits eaten by Cassowaries.

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Bark surface on larger trees somewhat scalloped. Both inner and outer blazes very fibrous. Deciduous; leafless for a period in August or September.

Leaf blade often rather large, about 15-39 x 5-13 cm. Twig bark rather strong and fibrous when stripped. Midrib of the leaf also rather strong and fibrous. Lateral veins curving and forming inconspicuous loops inside the blade margin. Old leaves turn red prior to falling.

Flowers +/- sessileCalyx completely fused at the bud stage, shed as a cap or rupturing to form lobes. Petals about 1-3 cm long.

Fruits more or less fleshy when ripe, ovoid or spindle-shaped, about 5-9.5 x 4-6.5 cm.

Roots grow from the opposite end of the seed to the leafy shoot. Cataphylls gradually increasing in size up the stem grading into leaves and sometimes occur among the true leaves. At the tenth leaf stage: leaves ellipticapex acuminate; lateral veins forming loops inside the blade margin; teeth more pronounced along the upper half of the leaf bladeSeed germination time 43 to 430 days.


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