Terminalia muelleri ( Australia almond / Mueller’s damson ) – Tube stock


This tree is common around  Cairns and Cooktown.
It is commonly planted around the beaches.
This tree commonly hosts Amyema villiflora subsp villiflora.

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This tree usually grows in coastal areas; leaves are obovate to about 15 x 8 cm.
Two flat or slightly raised glands present on the underside of the leaf blade close to the base, one on either side of the midrib.

It is a small, deciduous tree that grows to about 9 m.

Altitudinal range from sea level to about 100 m, occasionally getting as high as 500 m.
Grows in beach forest usually on sand dunes but also found in monsoon forest.

Light preference : Semi-shade
Water preference : Moderate water
Plant growth rate : Moderate


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