Terminalia muelleri ( Australia almond / Mueller’s damson ) – Tube stock


This tree is common around  Cairns and Cooktown.
It is commonly planted around the beaches.
This tree commonly hosts Amyema villiflora subsp villiflora.

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Deciduous; leafless for a period in November. Blaze fibres interlocked.


Leaf blades about 5-15 x 2.5-8 cm. Two flat or slightly raised glands present on the underside of the leaf blade close to the base, one on either side of the midribDomatia are tufts of hairs covering small foveolesOil dots visible with a lens.


Inflorescence as long as or shorter than the leaves, bracts linear, about 1 mm long, caducousPerianth tube appressed pubescent, lobes acute, about 2 x 2 mm, glabrous inside and out. Staminal filaments about 3 mm long. Disk villousStyle glabrous.


Mature fruits glabrous or with a few scattered weak hairs, ovoid or ellipsoid, about 12-20 x 8-15 mm, sometimes slightly compressed, without angles or ridges, with or without a very short beak. Seed about 8-9 x 2-2.5 mm, cotyledons convolute.


Cotyledons wider than long, about 13-15 x 17-23 mm, apex truncate, base rounded, upper surface with a few hairs towards the base. At the tenth leaf stage: leaves obovate, apex acute, obtuse or shortly acuminate, base cuneate, hairy on the upper surface; oil dots small, scattered, difficult to see; petioles, stem and terminal bud densely hairy. Seed germination time 98 to 180 days.


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