Tabernaemontana orientalis ( Eastern Gondola Bush ) – Tube stock


The fruits are in pairs, ovoidoblique, dry and orange-coloured when ripe.

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This is an open shrub to small tree, from 1 m high in exposed coastal situations to 15 m in sheltered moist sites.

The fragrant jasmine-like white flowers have 5 twisted petals fusing to form a tube just over 1 cm long, are regularly symmetrical, and a little more than 1 cm in diameter.
The fruits are in pairs, ovoid, oblique, dry and orange-coloured when ripe.
They split along one side to reveal many seeds with red succulent arils.

The leaves of Tabernaemontana orientalis are glabrous or pubescent with lateral and tertiary veins prominent on the lower surface.

Small, pretty and hardy garden shrub with layered and spreading growth.
Unique orange banana shaped fruit.
Delicate bushy & attractive low garden bed planting.


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