Syzygium forte Subsp potamophilum (Flaky barked/Brown satinash ) – Tube stock


Rounded shady crown, white flowers and edible large white fruit. Attracts birds.

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This medium sized tree with leathery opposite leaves, is cyclone resistant and salt tolerant.
It occurs naturally along riverbanks and in rainforest although now extensively planted, but it doesn’t like heavy clay!

Flowers in clusters, white, stamens numerous.

Fruit fleshy, a dirty white, more or less globular about 6 x 6 cm.
Fruits eaten by birds, flying foxes and turtles.
Fallen fruit eaten by Cassowaries.

Can withstand strong winds.
Behaved well in cyclone Yasi.

Altitudinal range from sea level to 450 m.
Grows in well developed rain forest but is most characteristic of beach forest either on sand or on rocky headlands.


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