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A Bauhina monandra also known as a orchid tree is a 6 to 12 meter tree that is fast growing. The tree then starts growing pink/white flowers at 3-4 years old. The habitat most suited for the tree would be a sunny position with well drained soil. The Bauhinia monandra is native to Madagascar but has now started to grow in Burma, Australia, Christmas Island, The Caribbeans, South USA and the Pacific Islands.

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  • its showy flowers have five pinkish petals mottled with darker reddish-purple, one of which is more colourful than the others.
  • its fruit is a large, elongated, pod (15-22 cm long).
  • A small tree that usually loses its leaves during the dry season.

This species reproduces by seed. Its seeds are spread when they are ingested and expelled by birds and other animals.
They are also dispersed by water, particularly from ornamental plantings.
It is a medium priority pest plant.


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