Syzygium canicortex (Yellow satinash/Watergum ) – Tube stock


Altitudinal range from 80-1400 m. Grows in well developed rain forest on a variety of sites.

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Bark greyish brown, surface often marked by circular shallow depressions.

Leaf blades small, about 1.1-6.4 x 0.8-2.2 cm. Lateral veins scarcely visible on the upper surface. Oil dots large and conspicuous considering the size of the leaf.

Bracts caducous, absent at anthesis.
Calyx tube (hypanthium) gradually tapering into the rather long pedicel,calyx tube (hypanthium) + pedicel about 6.5-9 mm long, calyx tube (hypanthium) about 2-4 mm diam.,
calyx operculatecircumscissilePetals adhering to the underside of the calyx and shed with the operculum,

Fruits variable in shape, frequently pyriform, sometimes irregularly shaped to depressed globular, attaining about 6-9 mm diam.,
pericarp succulent, cells radiating from the testa to the exocarpSeed solitary, attaining about 2-3 mm diam.,often surrounded by spongy tissue which is separated from the succulent pericarp by a layer of thick walled fibres,
seeds often polyembryonic, with two or more embryos per seed, testa adhering to the surrounding pericarp tissue but free from the uniformly textured cotyledons.
Radicle position variable, cotyledonary stipules not visible.

Cataphylls about 1-3 pairs.
At the tenth leaf stage: leaf blade ovateapex long-acuminate, base cuneateglabrous; 
oil dots small, numerous. Seed germination time 120 days.


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