Syzygium alliiligneum ( Mission Beach satinash / Onionwood ) – Tube Stock


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Syzygium alliiligneum is a large rainforest tree in North Queensland which can grow up to 30 m tall, it has cream /fawn bark with cream flowers and abundant large red fruit.
Altitudinal range from sea level to 750 m.

A tree that can attain a large size in rain forest conditions but perform well in open garden situations.
Flowers are large and showy and are followed by large red fruits.

Light preference : Full shade / Filtered sun
Habitat : Tropical rain forest

Attractive tree with flaky pale brown bark, new foliage growth red & mature leaves glossy green.
Large cream fluffy flowers in Summer.
Fallen fruits are eaten by the southern cassowary.
Bright red edible fruit lacks taste, attracts birds.


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