Stenocarpus sinuatus ( Fire wheel tree, Wheel of fire tree ) – Tube stock


Commonly cultivated in Australia and overseas for its brilliant display of red flowers produced in wheel-like clusters.

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The bright red flowers are arranged in umbels, with 12-15 flowers in each umbel, appearing like spokes in a wheel, hence the common name.
The conspicuous flower clusters are seen in summer through to autumn.
It is one of Australia’s most spectacular trees.

It grows into a medium-large tree, up to 40 m tall, with a trunk diameter of 75 cm, although it rarely exceeds 10 m in height when grown in gardens.

Light preference : Full sun / Part shade
Tolerates : Drought , Light frost
Supplementary watering : Minimal

Can tolerate a variety of conditions.
Does best in moist fertile soils.


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