Samanea saman (Rain tree/ Monkey pod) – Tube stock


Altitudinal range small, from near sea level to 100 m.

A very large shady tree commonly cultivated as a street tree and in parks and gardens through out the tropics.

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Growth Form :
Medium-sized tree, usually up to 30m tall in urban-scapes, may reach 60m in native range.
Crown symmetrically umbrella-shaped, wide-spreading (up to as much as 80m across for mature specimens in open spaces), branching at relatively low height from tree base.

Stunning shade tree with large, dome-shaped canopy – symmetrical crown.
Leaflets fold up in early evening and during overcast days.
The tree produces thousands of “powder puff” type flowers that have long, bicolor pink and white stamens that are grouped in dense heads, with multiple flowers per head.

Prefers a well composted moist well-drained soil in an open sunny position, drought and frost tender.

Plant Growth Form : Tree (Big (>30m), Medium (16m-30m))
Preferred climate zone : tropical
Light preference : Full sun
Water preference : Moderate water
Plant growth rate : Moderate


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