Pterocarpus indicus “Pendula” (Weeping Angsana/Weeping Rosewood) – Tube stock


Pterocarpus indicus ‘Pendula’ is a tree, cultivated for its smaller stature and more pendulous branches compared to Pterocarpus indicus.
The flowers are bright yellow, fragrant and seldom.

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Growth Form
It is a tree, up to 12 m tall, with spreading dome-shaped crown and drooping branches.
It may be deciduous in the monsoonal regions.

Leaves are odd-pinnate (imparipinnate) and in alternate arrangement. Leaflets are glossy and broadly ovate to elliptic shaped.

Flowers occurs in a branched cluster (panicle) or a raceme.
The flowers are bright yellow, pea-shaped and reportedly fragrant. Flowering is seldom observed in Singapore.

Fruits have yet to be observed in Singapore.


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