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Musa jackeyi is a type of banana tree growing to 10m in height.
It has a tall, dark trunk with red sap. It rarely suckers.
The leaves are about 200cm long, rarely reaching 450cm, and are 60cm wide.
The leaf stalk is not seen.
Flowers arise from the top of the trunk, with the male flowers at the base and the female flowers at the upper end.
The fruit are crowded in 2 rows and are orange-red when ripe.

Musa jackeyi grows in rich alluvial soil along rivers, in an area with a tropical climate.
Endemic to NEQ, known only from a few collections in the Innisfail-Babinda and the Daintree River areas.
Altitudinal range from near sea level to 50 m.
Grows in disturbed areas in lowland rain forest.
Whole plants may be eaten by feral pigs.


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