Fraxinus griffithii ( Himalayan ash , Evergreen ash ) – Tube Stock


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It grows between 4 and 7 m tall, depending on soil conditions.
If it is grown in a restricted space, it will tend to stay small, which makes it a useful tree for small gardens.
Generally it is evergreen, but in cooler climates it will be semi-deciduous.

Left to itself it will usually develop into a pleasing shape and will not need pruning.
As the tree ages and grows, gardeners often prune the lower branches in order to place a garden seat in the shade of the tree.

It has mottled green and cream bark, and pinnate leaves with 5 to 7 leaflets that are green on the upper surface and silvery below.

Tolerates a wide range of conditions but performs best in moist, well drained soils with full sun.
Requires little maintenance after established but will need some water in extended dry periods.


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