Edelrid Turley Belt 25mm 120cm (Icemint/Chute Green/Night)


Available in 3 colors: Oasis /  Icemint / Night

Width: 25 mm
Length: 120 cm (can be cut down)
Weight: 46 g
Material (Strap) : Polyamides (Nylon) Webbing 100%
Material (Buckle) : Aluminium Alloy 100%

Excellent belt for climbing.
Buckle is small and smooth and doesn’t pinch underneath a harness.
Belt fabric is thin and flexes well.
The buckle also incorporates an easy on off system that allows the belt to be unlocked without threading through the buckle each time.

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Featuring a high quality buckle, the Edelrid Turley Belt is infinitely adjustable and doubles as a tie-down lashing strap.

By using a hook buckle design, Edelrid have bypassed the need for any moving or flexing parts. This means they can use a solid aluminium heavy duty buckle with a low profile so the belt doesn’t pinch or bite when under a harness or belt system.

The buckle’s design and the choice of webbing means that there is absolutely no slippage whatsoever; once it’s set it stays set. Edelrid make clear that this high strength belt can double as an emergency lashing strap. Also worthy of contemplation is whether the Turley belt might also make a useful tourniquet.

Ultimately, it’s the buckle that makes this belt, but the width is also handy. Being 25mm wide, the Turley belt is a perfect replacement for many trousers that come with a semi-hidden belt, like Mountain Equipment’s popular Ibex Mountain Pant, whose only real weakness is the belt which slips and is less sturdy than it might be.


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Oasis, Icemint, Night


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