Clogger Altitude Gen2 Arborist Chainsaw Boots


Safety first. Feet first.
Chainsaw protective footwear for the skilled professional.

Certified to exceed the EN ISO 17249 Class 2 standard (24 m/s)


The Gen2 Clogger arborist boot is designed to be the ultimate all rounder – versatile for use in the tree, on the ground and machines while also being safe, tough and comfortable.

The Gen2 boot takes Gen1 learning, combined with adjustments made during extensive trialing, to deliver a true multi purpose boot.
Rigid enough to perform well in spurs / spikes while flexible for use on the ground.
Add to that a comfortable fit from Day 1 and the use of rugged components for a long life, we expect the Gen2 to become a favorite.

  • Chainsaw resistant upper lining in accordance with EN ISO 17249: 2014 Class 2, certified to 24 m/s.
    Safety toe in accordance with EN ISO 20345, Class I.
    Antistatic (A).
    Energy absorbent heel (E).
    Puncture resistant midsole (P).
    Water resistant upper (WRU).
    Heat resistant sole (HI).
    Fuel oil resistant outsole (FO).
    Slip resistant (SRA).
  • Uses durable brushed 2.4-2.6 mm
    Nubuck leather uppers to help the boot hold its shape over time, a soft leather lined cuff for better comfort and a high rubber rand for extra wear resistance
  • Lightweight design at just 1.17 kg (Size 43 boot)
  • Features AquaStop permeable layer that is waterproof but is fully breathable to reduce moisture build up

Spare Boot Laces are available : 
(A) Husqvarna ( 1 pair )  210 cm length

(B) Clogger ( 2 pairs )  170-180 cm length


Additional information

Weight 1.17 kg

EU36 (NZ/AU 3.5), EU37 (NZ/AU 4), EU38 (NZ/AU 5), EU39 (NZ/AU 6), EU41 (NZ/AU 7.5), EU42 (NZ/AU 8), EU43 (NZ/AU 9), EU44 (NZ/AU 10), EU45 (NZ/AU 10.5), EU46 (NZ/AU 11), EU47 (NZ/AU 12), EU48 (NZ/AU 13), EU49 (NZ/AU 14)


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