Husqvarna Protective Equipment – Spire™ Vent Arborist Helmet – Helmet Only


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Included in box:  Visor adapter ( product code: 599 38 90-01)

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Husqvarna Spire™ Vent Arborist Helmet is designed for the professional arborist who requires convenience and style at work without compromising safety and protection.
The Spire Vent helmet is lightweight and well ventilated for maximum comfort.
It has a universal fit and a wheel ratchet for easy size adjustment.
Also equipped with attachments for mounting headlamps, earmuffs and visors.
Compatible with Husqvarna’s passive earmuffs and three Husqvarna visor styles, including clear, mirror and tinted (all sold separately). Fulfils European standard EN 12492 for work at heights.


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