Clogger Denim Men’s Chainsaw Trousers (NEW)


[ Tree people specific detail ] :

  • Lightweight design , just under 1KG (Medium)
  • Classic Denim pocket styling with 2 front, 2 back.
  • 1 zipped pocket on the thigh ideal for cellphone or accessories – accessible while wearing a harness.
  • Strong, durable zippers with a better seal to reduce the risk of sawdust damage.
  • Wide belt loops to fit up to a 50mm belt.
  • Mesh lining for enhanced breathability.
  • Opening at hems to remove debris.

* Available in store : Standard Leg Length
All Short or Tall Leg Length in any sizes can be ordered.
Just call 07-40581873


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*Denims do not have an elasticized waist so tend to run small compared with our other chainsaw pants.
See the sizing chart for Jean equivalent sizing.


[ Instructions for male body measurements ] :

** What you need :

  1. Flexible tape measure
  2. Paper and pen
  3. An assistant

It is OK to measure over the top of clothes, e.g. shirt and trousers, providing they are not thick and heavy.

Stand straight and upright with your eyes looking directly ahead.

For all horizontal measurements, ensure the tape measure is parallel with the ground.

STEP 1: Get your assistant to pass the tape measure around you at chest level. Place both of your arms down by your sides. The tape measure should be around the widest part of your chest, over your shoulder blades, and parallel to the ground.

STEP 2: This measurement is the circumference taken around the middle point between the bottom of your ribs and the top of your hips. Breathe out naturally.

STEP 3: This measurement is the circumference taken around the top of the hip bones.

STEP 4: Place your hand on your hip so your arm is slightly bent. Get your assistant to measure from the shoulder bone, over the elbow to the wrist bone above the little finger.

STEP 5: Get your assistant to measure from the prominent bone at the back/base of your neck, straight down your spine to your hip bones.

STEP 6: This measurement is the circumference of the fullest part of the buttocks.

STEP 7: While standing straight and with feet slightly apart, hold the zero end of the tape at your crotch which is the point where your legs meet right at the top. Once again get your assistant to read the tape at a point 2.5cm or 1 inch below the ankle bone.

Record these measurements and compare with the sizing charts to see what size you should be ordering.


CERTIFICATIONS:Certified by Bureau Veritas NZ Ltd to the Australian and New Zealand standard, AS/NZS 4453.3:1997 (20 m/s chainspeed).

Designed with a classic denim look in mind, these jeans not only look good but have the hidden benefit of chainsaw protection.
Lightweight yet tough, Denims are constructed with a durable abrasion resistant blend with stretch for easier movement.


Are you sick of the power ranger look and want chainsaw protection that ticks all the safety boxes while remaining both comfortable and casual looking? Introducing Denim from Clogger. Clogger’s first chainsaw protective pant designed for a more traditional, laid back look. Clogger Denims are lightweight (just under 1kg – Medium) with stretch that is flexible and easy to work in.

Available in front protection style only with short and tall leg variations.

Note: Denims do not have an elasticized waist so tend to run small compared with our other chainsaw pants.


“I love my Clogger Denims! The pockets are spot on. The phone pocket is perfect. My phone stays in one place and doesn’t move around. I’ll say this right now and here – I’m not buying anything but Clogger pants from here on out”

“I have mine on as we speak and love them! Climbed half day, ground half day, then went finished up with servicing equipment. Great all around pants. Zippered phone pocket is clutch. I have noticed almost no difference in restriction of movement while climbing.”

“I own multiple pairs of chainsaw protection. But I love my pair of denims. I’m looking forward to buying my crew some.”

Chainsaw protection

  • Uses Clogger’s exclusive Arrestex HP chainsaw fabric which is light and breathable with 6 layers of advanced technical chainsaw protection.
  • Arrestex HP includes ultra strong UHMWPE cut resistant fibers cross woven to improve multi-directional strike performance.
  • Waist to ankle coverage with extra coverage on the left side to allow for movement if a chainsaw strikes.

Outer construction and design

  • Outer is constructed with an advanced stretch-woven fabric made from cotton, nylon and stretch polyester fibers that delivers an extremely high level of durability and light stretch without sacrificing structure.
  • FlexZone in the seat seam for extra give.
  • Straight jean cut with regular fit through hip and thigh and straight through the leg.
  • Lock stitched seams and reinforced stress points.


  • Lightweight design, just under 1kg (Medium).


  • Protection: Front only.
  • Fit: Men’s or Women’s
  • Size: XS – 3XL.
  • Leg Length: Short, Standard, Tall.


Additional information

Leg Length ( * Required )

Short, Standard, Tall

Size ( * Requires )

XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL


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