Dianella caerulea (blue flax-lily/blueberry lily) -Tube stock


Succeeds in ordinary garden soil in sun or dappled shade.
Requires a well-drained neutral to acid soil.

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Dianella caerulea is a very variable, evergreen, perennial, plant growing from a rhizomatous rootstock; it forms a cluster of growth usually less than 100cm tall, though some forms can reach 200cm.

The plant yields a fibre and also has edible fruits, which are sometimes gathered from the wild for local use.
It is sometimes grown as an ornamental in gardens, valued especially for its evergreen foliage and blue fruits.

* Habitat : Sandy soils near creeks on heaths and in sparse woodlands

Dianella caerulea is a very variable plant with a wide range from the temperate zone of Tasmania, north through eastern Australia to southern New Guinea.
Different forms of the plant can succeed in the tropics, subtropics and warm temperate zones.
Hardier forms can tolerate some snow and short-lived frosts, in somewhat colder parts of the temperate zone they will often succeed outdoors in the dappled shade of a sheltered stable environments such as a woodland, so long as temperatures do not drop far below zero for long periods.

* Flowering: mostly spring–summer.
* Fruit purple, 7–12 mm long.


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