Dianella bambusifolia ( flax lilies ) – Tube stock


Altitudinal range from near sea level to 660 m.
Grows in rainforest, vine forest and closed woodland.

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Solitary, tufted herb up to 1 m tall; tufts less than 10 mm wide at base, stems up to 80 cm long.

Leaves 11-30 cm long, lamina 16-20 x 1.3-2 cm, flat, attenuate; petioles about 6-7 cm long, winged and V-shaped in transverse section. Leaves arranged in a single plane like a fan. Venation parallel with 4-5 main veins on each side of the midrib. Small serrations on lamina margin and on the midrib below, lamina 2-3 cm wide. Sheaths conduplicate and slightly occluded distally, resembling a petiole, length of the lamina.

Inflorescence exceeding foliage, narrowly cylindrical in outline; cymules condensed, 4-15 -flowered; pedicels 1.5-10 mm long and angular in T.S. Perianth segments ellipticSepals 4.5-5.5 mm long and 5-nerved, purple. Petals 3.7-5.2 mm long and 3-nerved, pale blue to white. Filament swelling 0.8-1 mm long, brown. Ovules 4 per locule.

Berry with 4 seeds, 4-7 mm long. Seed 3.8-4.5 mm long, irregularly ribbed laterally; testa granulate, dull to shiny dark brown to black.


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