Cupaniopsis flagelliformis var flagelliformis (Brown Tuckeroo) – Tube stock


Grows as an understory tree in well developed rain forest and drier, more seasonal rain forest.
Altitudinal range from sea level to 1100 m.

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An attractive tree now becoming known in horticulture for its easy cultivation, attractive foliage and the long pendant inflorescences.

It has densely hairy young growth, with the branchlets covered in a rust-coloured pubescence.
The leaves are 20-30 cm long and have 10-16 serrated leaflets. Similar to the fruit, the inflorescence is also quite striking.
Long, drooping panicles hang from the tree, with each peduncle (stem) bearing numerous sessile flowers.
These flowers have a silky calyx that form a whorl around the 2.5mm long pink petals.

Once pollinated, the flowers give way to the unusual fruit shown today. Like the flowers, the fruit are sessile.
Each pinkish-brown or yellow-orange fruit has 3-6 grooves and is covered in soft hairs.


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