Cocos nucifera (Coconut)


A relatively fast-growing, solitary, slender, unarmed palm which characteristically front the coast in tropical regions and is the allusion of lush, tropical paradises with sandy beaches.
* Caterpillar Food Plant
* It does not tolerate frost.
* It is one of the most useful plants for humans

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* Coconut is a variable, single-stemmed, evergreen palm tree that can range in height from 2 metres up to 30 metres tall
* Coconuts grow well in lowland tropical regions as far as 26° north and south of the Equator and up to a maximum elevation of around 1,000 metres
* They grow best in areas with a high rainfall.
* Plants grow well in full sun, even when small.
* Plants can tolerate at least some maritime exposure with salt spray and somewhat saline soil conditions.
* Plants are intolerant of drought
* This plant from the humid, warm tropics, forms 30 to 40 Coconuts form a year, in ideal locations it can grow up to 150 nuts.

Food (Fruit & Vegetable : Coconut juice can be drank for thirst quenching and the flesh inside the hard shell can also be eaten. Coconut oil can be extracted from pressing the flesh (copra), shredded to make desiccated coconut and squeezed to obtain coconut milk.
Coconut milk can be used as an ingredient for preparing curry and local desserts.
It can also be used for manufacturing soap, lubricants, explosives and margarine.
The youngest part of the shoot makes a succulent vegetable and is edible.
The oil from the copra can be used for cooking


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