Carallia brachiata (Freshwater Mangrove)


Impressive ornamental freshwater shade tree with masses of small red edible fruit.

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Oak grain in the wood and a corresponding pattern in the inner blaze. Bark pale and corky, particularly at the base of the stem.


Stipules sheathing the terminal bud, each stipule 10-15 mm long, gradually tapering to a point. Oak grain in the twigs. Leaf blades about 6-12 x 3.5-7 cm. Scattered dark glands visible with a lens on the underside of the leaf blade if not visible to the naked eye. Lateral veins forming loops (often a double series of loops) inside the blade margin.


Flowers about 3-4 mm long, sessile or very shortly stalked, each flower subtended by two bracteoles. Usually seven calyx lobes and seven petals about 1.5-2 mm long. Stamens usually 14.


Fruits globular or depressed globular, about 8-9 mm diam. Calyx lobes persistent at the apexSeed and embryo +/- horseshoe-shaped in longitudinal section.


Cotyledons longer than wide, about 15-20 x 10-13 mm, margins inconspicuously toothed, lateral veins forming a double series of loops inside the margin. Stipules small and inconspicuous, less than 1 mm long. Hypocotyl slightly winged just below the cotyledons. First pair of leaves with regularly toothed margins. At the tenth leaf stage: midrib raised on the upper surface of the leaf blades and lateral veins forming loops inside the blade margin. Stipules interpetiolar, triangular, about 5-7 mm long. Seed germination time 37 to 54 days.


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