Callistamon sp harkness ( Harkness Bottlebrush ) – Tube stock


Callistemon Harkness is a fast growing upright weeping shrub or small tree to 6m x 2-3m with a massed display of large scarlet bottle-brush red flowers in Spring.
* They are generally low maintenance (drought tolerant) , but if plants become straggly, prune heavily to encourage new growth.
* Use : Screen , Hedge or Windbreak
* One of the popular garden plants.

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Bottlebrush plants are popular for their colorful bristly blooms that continue all through the summer.

Prefers full sun in most soils.
Very hardy, drought and frost tolerant.

The small woody fruits stay attached to the plant for two to three years before releasing their seeds.

Good points:

  • beautiful red brushes
  • very attractive to native birds
  • hardy, long lived
  • tolerates most soils
  • tolerates wet (but not water logged) positions


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