Barringtonia racemosa (Freshwater Mangrove/Common Putat) – Tube Stock


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Barringtonia racemosa (Freshwater Mangrove/Common Putat)

Barringtonia racemosa is a tree apart of the Lecythidaceae family.
Commonly found in coastal swamps this tree produces a gorgeous pink and white flower alongside large reddish fruit.
Its ornamental, fragrant flowers will give your garden the colour it deserves.
The Barringtonia racemosa is a moderate growing tree growing up to 20m in height.

Climate Zone : Tropical, Sub-Tropical/Monsoonal
Native Distribution : East/South Africa, East/South Asia, Northern Australia and Many Pacific Islands.
Light Preference : Full Sun, Semi-Shade
Water Preference : Moderate Water, Lots of Water
Growth Habit : Evergreen


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