Tacca integrifolia (White bat flower) – 200mm pot


Don looked at one of the world’s weirdest plants.
The white bat plant, as it is commonly known, has strange, almost bizarre flowers resembling a bat’s black face with white ears and long whiskers.

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One of the strangest and most amazing flowers in the plant kingdom.
Large leaves grow close to the ground in a rosette formation.
A tall flower stem grows from the centre of leaves.
The flower is very unusual, at the top of the stem there is a cluster of up to 30 dark purple-brown flowers and above those are large white to pale green bracts.
there are filaments that hang from the flowers and resemble cat’s whiskers.

Max height : 0.6-1m
Growth form : It is a herb up to 1 m tall, consisting of a horizontally-growing stem (rhizome) from which up to 13 long-stalked leaves arise.
Plant shape : Shrubby, Irregular
Plant Growth Form : Herbaceous Plant, Creeper

Light preference : Full shade / Semi-shade
Water preference : Lots of water
Maintenance requirements : Moderate

Native habitat : Terrestrial (Primary Rainforest, Secondary Rainforest, Monsoon Forest, Mountain, Freshwater Swamp Forest)
Preferred climate zone : Tropical, Sub-Tropical / Monsoonal

[ Soil ] : Well drained, peaty soil in a bright but diffused light location.
Keep moist in warmer seasons, but avoid water logging or rot will set in

[ Habitat ] :
It grows in the understorey of primary and secondary forests up to about 1,500 m altitude.



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