Sterculia quadrifida (Native peanut tree) – Tube stock


An interesting tree cultivated for its bright red boat-shaped fruits with black seeds.
Trees are usually leafless while in fruit and flowering occurs just before the new leaves appear.
Seeds are edible.

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Deciduous; leafless for a period in July or August.

Leaf blades about 5.5-17 x 3-15 cm. Stellate hairs visible with a lens on the lower surface of the leaf blade. Twig bark strong and fibrous when stripped. Pores in the twig pith visible to the naked eye and readily visible with a lens.

Inflorescence about 4-10 cm long, densely stellate hairy. Pedicels about 5-9 mm long. Flowers densely stellate hairy, perianth tube campanulate or urceolate-campanulate, about 2.5-5 mm long, inner surface pubescent or glabrous, lobes 3-4 mm long, apices cohering. Anthers about 11-17, crowded into a globular head.

Follicles obovoid to oblong, about 5-8 x 3-4 cm, densely stellate hairy on the outer surface. Seeds ellipsoid, about 17 x 6-7 mm.

Cotyledons about 18-20 mm long, margin revolute. First pair of leaves ovate to narrowly cordateapex acuminate, margins entire. Stipules linear, about 4-5 mm long, hairy. At the tenth leaf stage: leaf blade ovate or narrowly cordate, apex acuminate, base cordate, glabrous, about 5-7 main lateral veins each side of the midrib; stipules narrowly or linearly triangular. Seed germination time 11 to 25 days.


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