Stein SKYLAUNCH Available Parts



  • SKYLAUNCH Line Launcher Head¬† ( SS-4930100005 )
  • 76cm Modular Pole (SS-4961066076) SS-1MP076
  • Pole Rubber End Cap (SS-1M0001 )
  • Folding Cube ( SS-5033272001 )
  • SKYSHOT400 Throw Weight ( SS-5050076400 )
  • Throwline-Pink 50m – 1.5mm (SS-3641544050 )
  • Storage Bag (SS-5010572001 )
  • Head – Rubber Replacement ( SS-4930100006 )


STEIN SKYLAUNCH is designed to deploy a throw weight and line over a tree limb so a friction saver or climbing line can be positioned.

A vertical distance of 30m plus (100-feet) can be achieved with great accuracy when mounted on 3 x 76cm Poles, a higher distance can be achieved when mounted on 2 x 120cm poles (subject to Line and Weight used).

The STEIN SKYLAUNCH head is designed to fit Quick Connect fibre glass poles STEIN, Jameson, Marvin, Notch.

Additional information

SKYLUNCH Parts Available :

Line Launcher (Head), 76cm Modular Pole, Pole Rubber End Cap, Folding Cube, SKYSHOT PRO 400 (14) Throw Weight, Throwline 1.5mm-50M Pink, Storage Bag, Head – Rubber Replacement


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