DMM Rhino Locksafe Carabiner (A547)


The horn feature on the leading edge of the spine significantly reduces the possibility of cross-loading with rigging, devices and pulleys by restricting the rotation of devices, whilst the clean nose design provides snag-free gate entry.

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The ever-durable Rhino HMS Locksafe Carabiner is such an awesome carabiner and was designed to minimise cross-loading. Have you got one in your kit? T

The top of the Rhino’s spine prevents assisted braking devices and rope controllers from twisting around the spine and cross-loading the carabiner. This adds a good deal of safety by utilising this carabiner over others in a lot of scenarios.

The Rhino’s flat base also helps it sit in the belay loop, and works with the horn to help the Rhino orientate correctly. The DMM Rhino HMS Locksafe Carabiner (available in 3 locking options) is ideal for use with pulleys and other devices and has a solid top bar that increases durability.

Rhino Locksafe ( A547 )
Colour: Titanium/Green
MBS (Major Axis): 27kN
MBS (Minor Axis): 9kN
MBS (Gate Open): 7kN
Dimensions: 75x100mm
Weight: 81g
Gate Opening (X): 19mm
Certification: EN362:2004 T, EN12275:2013 B/H

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