Silky Yamabico Replacement Blade 330mm


33 cm Yamabico Fixed Hand Saw Replacement Blade, with teeth on the upper and lower edge of the blade enabling the user to undercut a branch without turning the saw upside down.

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The Yamabico saw blade has teeth on the upper and lower edge of the blade. This allows the user to make an undercut without turning the saw upside down. It is 33 cm long. The teeth on this saw blade are sharpenable and the blades are hollow ground to reduce friction and increase easy of cutting action and speed.

The teeth are non-set and have a Mirai-Me design which creates a very smooth cut surface. The blades are made from a material called Sk4 which is a high carbon steel and then are coated in chrome to reduce rust and protect the blade. The Yamabico is a PULL saw. All cutting occurs on the pull stroke. Put a minimal amount of pressure as you pull the blade toward yourself and then glide the saw forward. On the forward stroke the teeth will clear of timber or material and then on the pull stroke the saw will do the cutting again.

SKU 408-33

Blade length: 330 mm or 13 inches

Teeth per 30 mm/in: 7+10/5.9+8.5

Weight: 148 g


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