Silky Ono Axe


The tool all your friends will wish they had!  Resharpen the blade as needed. The ONO exudes quality and will be a part of your regular camping gear for a long time to come. Custom-fitted carrying case with a matching hole-hanger is standard equipment.

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Blade length:-120mm or 4.7 inches

Weight:- 925g

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While small and compact, this feisty chunk of Japanese craftsmanship won’t let you down when it comes to clearing trails.

Also very handy for cutting up small timber for that evening camp fire.

From the moment you handle this fine tool, you will know it is destined for your next venture into the great outdoors.

Ideal for de-limbing or chopping and splitting wood. 

Also good for making a shelter, construction or splitting a carcass down the backbone.

Additional information

Weight .925 kg
Dimensions 12 cm


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