Silky Gomtaro Pro-Sentei Replacement Blade 300mm


Silky Gomtaro Prosenti Replacement Blade 300mm ( 109-30 ) 30cm

  • Blade length: 300 mm (till Ø 150 mm)
  • Teeth: large + fine (8+14 teeth per 30 mm)
  • Suited for fresh wood

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Technical specifications

  • Authentic Premium Japanese Steel
  • Blade length: 300 mm
  • Teeth: 8+14 teeth per 30 mm
  • Dimensions: 420 x 70 x 1.4 mm
  • Weight: 90 g
  • Kerf: 1.3 mm

Brilliant general purpose pruning saw blade for the home gardener. Has both large and fine teeth on the one blade.

The blades are made out of a high carbon steel, this is a very strong steel but is also quite flexible, which is very important in a hand saw.
The blades are also coated to give them some protection from rust and resin.

This saw blade is designed for general pruning of medium to large branches.


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