Silky Pole Saw Parts – Connector Pipe – For Hayate pole



It attaches to Hayate pole saw and it allows to connect the Sintung lopper head on it.

– Extremely high-quality product designed to match Silky quality

 The lopper will prune branches that are too flimsy for a saw to cut!

1 in stock (can be backordered)

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Connector pipe for the Silky Hayate Pole Saw .NOW you can attach the Sintung ratchet lopper head to your Hayate Pole Saw. Prune flimsy branches that a saw blade can’t prune.

– Replaces the Hayate blade in just a couple of minutes

– Will prune branches up to 50mm (2 inches) in diameter

– Comes with 17.6′ of pull cord with a wooden handle


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