Phyllanthus cuscutiflorus (Pink phyllanthus) – Tube stock


This is a hardy shrub or small tree, 3 – 4 m tall, occurring in north-east Queensland.
It has an altitudinal range of from near sea level to about 400 m, and grows in monsoon forest and drier rain forest.

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Leaf blade ovate to elliptical shape, size about 13 x 6 cm, green, pale green on the under surface, newer foliage is pink to orange red.

Small flowers drooping or dangling on thin pedicels, clusters, pink or white, pendant-shaped, borne along branches.

* Light Preference : Full Sun
* Water Preference : Moderate Water
* Plant Growth Rate : Fast

This native shrub, with its soft weeping new growth and prolific tassels of dainty flowers, makes a good garden shrub.
It should be planted in full sun or partial shade, and requires quite a lot of water if the plant is to avoid stress.
The only disadvantage is that the flowers take on a fairly unpleasant odour, especially in the evenings.


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