Perla Barb 70cc V1 Chainsaw 20″ Bar and 3/8 058 72DL Semi Chisel Chain


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70cc Perla Barb V1 Chainsaw with 20″ bar & chain

It comes equipped with an easy start mechanism, a premium, easy access air filter, and a top quality anti-vibration system.

This saw is sold with a 20″ Hurricane bar and chain.
Hurricane is now one of Australia’s leading brands in the chainsaw accessories market.

Includes tool kit and bonus bar cover.


Model: Perla Barb 70cc V1
Engine: Single cylinder, two stroke, air cooled
Displacement: 70cc
Bore x Stroke: 50mm x 36.4mm
Ignition system: C. D. I.
Maximum Engine Idling speed: 2700rpm
Maximum Engine Power: 3.9kw (5.23hp) at 9600rpm
Chain speed at max power: 21.4 m/sec
Fuel tank capacity: 900ml
Bar oil tank capacity: 500ml
Recommended bar oil: Dedicated bar oil. Do not use motor or sump oil.
Fuel: Regular unleaded petrol and 2-stroke oil (25:1)
Carburettor: Diapghram type
Spark plug: NGK = BPMR7A, Champion = RCJ7Y (0.5mm gap)
Oil feeding system: Automatic pump with adjuster


Low speed setting: between 3,000 and 3,100 rpm

High speed setting: between 10,700 and 11,700 rpm


Sprocket: 7 tooth 3/8 centre-drive sprocket
Chain Cutter: Semi Chisel
Chain pitch: 3/8″
Chain gauge: .058″
Chain length: 72 drive links
Guide bar type: Hurricane sprocket nose
Guide bar size: 20″ (cutting length)


Gross weight of saw (includes packaging and accessories): 9.6kgs (21.16lbs)
Net weight (weight of saw +bar & chain): 8.45kgs (18.63lbs)
Packing size: 60x26x33cm


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