Mimusops elengi (Bullet Wood/Spanish cherry/Red coondoo) – Tube stock


Light Preference : Full sun
Water Preference : Moderate Water
Plant Growth Rate : Moderate

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Spanish cherry is an evergreen tree with a dense, rounded, spreading crown; it usually grows from 15 – 30 metres tall, exceptionally to 40 metres.
The bole is often short and divided into several large main branches, but it is sometimes branchless for up to 15 or even 20 metres; it can be up to 100cm in diameter, with buttresses either absent or up to 2 metres high

A plant of the hot tropical lowlands.
It is tolerant of light frosts.
The tree grows best in a sunny position, but is shade tolerant, retaining a full crown and reproducing satisfactorily under fairly dense shade.

It prefers a deep, rich loam, but plants are adapted to a variety of soils.
Fairly wind tolerant, trees can be grown in coastal sites.
It can tolerate inundation of the soil for up to 2 months.

Trees may flower and fruit throughout the year.
Infrequent visits of insects and bats have been observed, but pollination is most likely by wind.
The stigma is receptive before the pollen is released, stimulating cross-pollination

Altitudinal range from sea level to 200 m.
Grows in monsoon forest, beach forest and drier, more seasonal rain forest.


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