Millettia pinnata ( Indian Beech / Pongam ) – Tube Stock


It is a semi-deciduous tree up to 25 m tall, with a dense, shining, light green crown.

It may be suitable for parks and roadsides as it is a coastal plant that can tolerate high temperature, full sun, and frequent salt spray conditions.

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Foliage Retention : Drought / Semi-Deciduous
Light Preference : Full sun
Water Preference : Moderate Water, Lots of Water, Little Water
Plant Growth Rate : Moderate

Pongamia pinnata is a fast-growing, medium-sized, evergreen or briefly deciduous, glabrous shrub or tree with a broad crown of spreading or drooping branches.

Native to humid tropical and subtropical environments, it is found at elevations from sea level to 1,200 metres.
It grows in areas where the mean annual temperature ranges from a minimum of 1 – 16°c, up to a maximum of 27 – 38 (exceptionally 50)°c, and the mean annual rainfall is 500 – 2,500 mm, with a dry season of 2 – 6 months

It does not do well on dry sands, although it tolerates saline conditions, alkalinity and waterlogged soils.
Tolerant of shade, it can grow under the shade of other trees, but will also grow well in full sun.

Established plants are drought resistant.
Plants are wind-resistant, tolerating at least some salt-laden air.


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