Melaleuca leucadendra (Paperbark)- Tube stock


  • Bird & Butterfly attracting

  • Cyclone resistant

  • Shade Trees

  • Moderate Water

Altitudinal range from sea level to 700 m.
Also found in beach forest, swampy rain forest and gallery forest.

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This large paperbark tree is found along the banks of creeks and rivers, swamps and other moist forest environments where freshwater is available throughout the year.
Smaller branches have a pendulous or weeping habit. Bark thick, pale tan in colour, papery, peeling off in large sheets.

While the trees often occur arching gracefully over rivers and lagoons, they are also found in forests in tall, straight form up to 40 metres high.
Although they are usually found associated with fresh water, some of the beaches north of Cooktown are lined with Melaleuca leucadendra, and the trees are inundated with salt water at high tide.


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