Melaleuca leucadendra * Fine leaf form *


Weeping evergreen tree with pale, papery bark.
A particularly fine leaved and very weeping form of Melaleuca leucadendra

* Small weeping feature tree.
* Attractive in groups or rows.

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Native with non-invasive roots.
Grows to 10 metres high x 5 metres wide. Evergreen tree with papery thick and pale spongy bark.
Dull green and pendulous leaves.
White to creamy spikes of flowers.
Ideal for moist areas. Has a soft weeping habit and has bird attracting flowers.

Bird Attracting, Coastal (Salt Tolerant Plants), Low Lying Areas (Wet Area Plants), Shade Growing Plants, Water Wise Plants

* Will grow in damp to wet situations.
* Full sun.
* Bird attracting.


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