Melaleuca cajuputi ( Paper Bark / Cajuput ) – Tube Stock


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* Light preference : Full sun
* Water preference : Moderate
* Attracting plants : Bee, Bird
* Coastal Plant

It may reach heights of up to 40 m (120 ft) with a trunk diameter of 1.2 m (4ft), though is more typically a medium-sized tree 10 to 20 m (30 to 60 ft) tall.
The trunk is stout and supports a heavily branched crown, pyramidal when young, with age becoming rounded.
The bark grey-white and peeling in papery sheets that persist in layers on the trunk.

The flowers have long white filaments and are in dense clusters resembling bottle brushes.

Grows naturally in humid tropical lowland climates, generally in frost-free areas with annual lows of 19 to 25°C, annual highs of 29 to 35°C,
annual rainfall of 900 to 4000 mm and a dry season of 5 months or less.

It occurs on low, swampy coastal plains and where there is seasonal flooding, as well as in hilly terrain on dry, rocky and infertile soils.


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