Lomandra hystrix (mat rush) – 140mm Square Pot


Growth Form : A rhizomatous herb, it has a clumping growth form and can grow up to 1m in height.

A clumping plant that is commonly used for landscaping.
It is very easily grown in a variety of situations.
The flowers are strongly perfumed.

Frequently grows beside watercourses in upland and mountain rain forest.

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The leaves are lanceolate in shape and are 90 to 130cm in length and are glabrous.
The leaf tips are toothed.

It can be found growing from 450 to 1500m in altitude in swamps, on the margins of creeks, rocky hillsides, cliffs and open areas.

It is best grown in moist soils but can tolerate drought and occasional flooding.
It can tolerate a range of soil types from sandy to heavy, clay soils.

* Plant & Rootzone preference-tolerance : Dry Soils / Drought, Moist Soils
* Light Preference : Full sun, Semi-shade.
* Water preference : Moderate Water


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