Gustavia superba (Membrillo, Heaven Lotus) – Tube stock


A magnificent, sparsely branched, palmlike small to medium-sized tree.
These features give Membrillo a very striking appearance in the landscape.

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It is a tree, up to 20 m tall, with slightly fissured bark.
It is found in tropical lowland rainforest.

A plant for the humid, lowland tropics, where it is mainly found at elevations below 600 metres, though also extends to over 1,000 metres.
It is intolerant of temperatures lower than 5°c

Flowers are pollinated by insects and fruits are dispersed by small animals. ( Bee-Attracting )

Light preference : Semi-shade, Full sun
Water preference : Moderate water
Plant growth rate : Moderate

Habitat : Humid woodlands and rainforest, often in swampy soils. Found on gently sloping, sunny hills

Gustavia superba produces very large, undivided leaves and stunning, large, purple flowers along its trunk that are followed by hard-shelled, grapefruit-sized fruits with edible pulp.


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